Biloxi Sportsbooks

Biloxi SportsbooksThere is little room for argument on the subject of Biloxi sportsbooks. As soon as the state of Mississippi amended its sports wagering laws and the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) was overturned, everyone knew that Biloxi would soon morph into one of the nation’s best markets for the hobby. Millions of visitors flood into Biloxi to enjoy the nightlife, the fresh seafood from the Gulf of Mexico, and the authentic blues scene but now they can enjoy betting on sports too. Biloxi is the third largest casino market in the country behind Las Vegas and Atlantic City and the sportsbooks in town are only helping continue the accolade.

With the size of the market and the immediacy of the launch, it can be overwhelming researching the ins and outs of sportsbooks in Biloxi. However, we spent the time researching this subject so that you can make the most of your time while planning a trip along the coast. Our goal is to provide this guide in hopes that you will have a better understanding of the industry and know exactly what to expect when you are in town.

Can I Bet On NFL Games At Biloxi Sportsbooks?

NFL LogoSuper Bowl betting should be one of the best days for Biloxi sportsbooks, and it has never been easier to bet on NFL games at Biloxi sportsbooks, especially the Super Bowl. The game itself is always the biggest NFL betting event of the year, even though Biloxi sportsbooks are available throughout the year. The best Biloxi sportsbooks will have all the odds on the upcoming Super Bowl that you could want, and betting on the Super Bowl in Biloxi can mean anything from game props, odds and lines to wagers on the Halftime Show and National Anthem.

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Bovada - Mobile Betting In Biloxi

Bovada SportsbookBovada provides mobile betting options in Biloxi and allows players to wager from the comfort of their homes. While Biloxi is a major hub for sports betting and casino gaming, there are no regulated mobile betting apps available for any time anywhere sports betting. Bovada fills that void allowing players to bet from anywhere in the city while providing odds that rival the biggest sportsbooks in Biloxi. Bovada is accessible on iPhones, Androids, iPads, and Tablets and can be used without the need to download at the app. Mobile betting at Boada is the best way to play in Biloxi.

BetOnline - Crypto Accepted Sportsbook

BetOnline SportsbookBettors in Biloxi looking to wager using cryptocurrencies should look at BetOnline as a new home. BetOnline accepts a plethora of cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin and Ethereum to the likes of Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. Local Biloxi sportsbooks do not allow patrons to use their cryptocurrencies as payment methods or allow bettors to collect their wins with crypto. BetOnline not only accepts this method, but they also encourage crypto use with bonus promotions and allowing for the fastest transaction times. Sports betting fans in Biloxi looking to bet with cryptocurrencies have a home in BetOnline.

MyBookie - Biloxi Betting Without Having To Leave Your Home

MyBookie SportsbookMyBookie brings the sportsbook to the bettor in Biloxi. There is no need to travel to a major casino in order to wager thanks to the fast access provided by MyBookie. Betting fans can log on from in their homes and find the best odds on the market. This convenience allows players who simply want to bet, but do not want to travel all the way to the likes of Boomtown Casino or Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in order to do so. Every home in Biloxi can become a sports betting destination thanks to the odds available at MyBookie.

SportsBetting - Easy Line Shopping In Biloxi

SportsBetting SportsbookLine shopping is the best way to capitalize on betting and find the best odds available. Shopping betting lines is far more difficult when dealing with retail-only sportsbooks, but SportsBetting simplifies the process. Players can check odds at any number of retail operations in Biloxi and then log onto SportsBetting and compare the lines. This allows bettors to find the best odds that would equate to the most profit and even hedge their bets depending on the odds. Betting in Biloxi with line shopping at SportsBetting opens the door to much larger payouts at online sportsbooks.

Xbet – Mobile Betting No Download Required

SportsBetting SportsbookXbet allows for true mobile sports betting in Biloxi and the online operator is available without the need to download an app. Betting at Xbet is easy as the sportsbook can be accessed in its entirety from the mobile devices web browser. This grants players access to all the odds offer from anywhere with betting being done in just a few clicks. Betting at Xbet brings mobile betting to all Biloxi bettor citywide with no restrictions on where one can wager. So long as players have cellular service or access to WiFi betting at Xbet is possible.

Is Sports Betting Currently Legal In Biloxi?

Sports betting became legal in Mississippi in 2017, when legislators preemptively and correctly assumed that the federal ban would be lifted. By authorizing the state’s licensed Class III gaming facilities to obtain further licensure to offer sports betting outlets, this gave the state a head start on determining regulations. This caused the Mississippi gambling industry to be up and running in no time, starting with the Beau Rivage Sportsbook in Biloxi.

Now, the city and surrounding areas have upwards of a dozen sportsbook locations and most even offer mobile sports betting as well. The state passed a regulation that required any mobile betting to be utilized from the casino grounds; therefore, if you venture off of the lot (sometimes out of the building), you will not be able to enter a wager. However, there are still options for gambling in Mississippi if you are not on the premises, and that is by using an offshore sportsbook. These overseas operations have been serving as the de facto Biloxi sportsbooks for decades and have proven their reliability. The sportsbooks that we highly recommend are Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI, and MyBookie. You can bet on Mississippi State in Biloxi.

What Is The Minimum Legal Age To Bet At Biloxi Sportsbooks?

Before betting anything in Mississippi, you the minimum age to place any kind of bet is 21. Without proof of being of age, you won't be able to get in the sportsbook at all. This is has been the age requirement for many states across the United States. Only a few states have a requirement of 18.  Also, online sportsbooks have an age requirement of 18 or older. No reason to risk any legal problems by trying to gamble underage. It is best to wait until you are of age.

Best Sportsbooks In Biloxi

With so many to choose from, we took the liberty of picking the best sportsbooks in Biloxi and compiled an overview of each one. These places are not only open for business and offering action on the sports that Mississippi residents love to follow and cheer for but they also have been considered the premier gambling destinations of the Gulf Coast. Our overview is a breakdown of the location and background information for the casino as well as the contact information should you have any further questions.

The Beau Rivage Sportsbook

The Beau Rivage Sportsbooks

  • The Beau Rivage Sportsbook
  • Type: commercial dockside casino
  • Location: Biloxi, MS
  • Address: 875 Beach Blvd., Biloxi, MS 39530
  • First Opened: March 15, 1999
  • Renovated: 2006
  • Number of Rooms: 1,740
  • Total Gaming Space: 72,000 square feet
  • Top Attractions: Eight75 nightclub
  • Best Restaurants: BR Prime Steakhouse
  • Owner: MGM Resorts International
  • Phone Number: 888-567-6667

With a name that translates from the French as the “Beautiful Shore,” the Beau Rivage kind of tells a prospective guest everything they will need to know right up front about one of the first two Biloxi sportsbooks in existence. With one of the largest square footages of any casino in the region and the widest selection of gaming activities, the Beau Rivage sportsbook is already following suit. Located in the southwest corner next to the poker room and M-Life Rewards desk, the non-smoking sportsbook lounge features countless HD TVs, a variety of betting options, and cocktails to keep your night going strong. The book is open from 9 am (8 am on the weekends) and closes at 10 pm (midnight on Friday and Saturday).

The Hard Rock Hotel And Casino Sportsbook

The Hard Rock Hotel And Casino Sportsbook

  • The Hard Rock Hotel And Casino Sportsbook
  • Type: commercial beachside casino
  • Location: Biloxi, MS
  • Address: 777 Beach Blvd., Biloxi, MS 39530
  • First Opened: June 30, 2007
  • Number of rooms: 318
  • Total Gaming Space: 50,000 square feet
  • Top Attractions: Hard Rock Live concert venues
  • Best Restaurants: Hard Rock Café, Ruth’s Chris Steak House
  • Owner: Premier Entertainment
  • Phone Number: 877-877-6256

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is another one of several truly world class casino properties doing major business on the stretch of the Gulf of Mexico. This premier gambling establishment might not have a gaming floor quite as large as some of the other older establishments in town but that doesn’t take away from what they have to offer. That’s because the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is without a doubt one of the most coveted entertainment venues in the eastern half of the United States, which means there will always be many headlining acts that frequent this Biloxi destination. The sportsbook is located just past the Half Shell Oyster House and has over 30 TVs posting betting odds and displaying sporting events occurring all around the world. Feel free to wager on pro or college teams and enjoy a cold beverage or food from the grill when placing your wagers. The sportsbook is open at 11 am (9 am on the weekends) and closes at midnight (1 am on Friday and Saturday).

The Harrah’s Gulf Coast Sportsbook

Harrah’s Gulf Coast Sportsbook

  • Harrah’s Gulf Coast Sportsbook
  • Type: commercial beachside casino
  • Location: Biloxi, MS
  • Address: 265 Beach Blvd., Biloxi, MS 39530
  • First Opened: January 21, 1994
  • Number of rooms: 495
  • Total Gaming Space: 35,000 square feet
  • Best Restaurants: LB’s Steakhouse
  • Owner: Vici Properties, Caesars Entertainment
  • Phone Number: 800-946-2946

For more than a decade, the Harrah’s Gulf Coast has been among the best Biloxi has to offer with a few of the state’s most highly rated restaurants, an elite concert venue and the biggest gaming floor on the entire Gulf Coast. The name recognition alone makes it a safe bet that this could easily be one of the best sports betting outlets for sports betting in Mississippi. “The Book” is located on the casino floor next to the cage on the east entrance. With a full-service bar easily accessible and cocktail servers monitoring the floor, you have no reason to leave one of the many lounge chairs and couches the venue provides. There are 10 HD TVs as well as 12 screens that are always stationed on sporting events. The hours of The Book are from 10 am (8 am on the weekends) until midnight (11 pm on Tuesday and Wednesday).

The IP Casino Resort Spa Sportsbook

IP Casino Resort Spa Sportsbook

  • The IP Casino Resort Spa Sportsbook
  • Type: commercial land and dockside casino resort
  • Location: Biloxi, MS
  • Address: 850 Bayview Ave., Biloxi, MS 39530
  • First Opened: Dec. 22, 1997
  • Number of rooms: 1,088
  • Total Gaming Space: 84,225 square feet
  • Top Attractions: Studio A nightclub
  • Best Restaurants: thirty-two
  • Owner: Boyd Gaming
  • Phone Number: 888-946-2847

One thing is for sure about this casino – it is the locals’ favorite sportsbook in Biloxi and a popular destination for sports betting enthusiast from around the South. The IP, or Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino Biloxi, is home to what is probably the most happening nightlife scene on the entire Gulf Coast. There are plenty of activities going on there year-round to keep your evening occupied, even if you are not always in the sportsbook picking winners. Nevertheless, the betting boards are stocked to the ceiling with fantastic betting lines covering the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL and other pro sports like the US PGA Tour, NASCAR, and international soccer events. The sportsbook in IP is located adjacent to the Highlights Sports Lounge and offers cold beer, burgers, wings and much more. Don’t break your neck trying to watch all of the TVs at once as the lounge boasts 64 HD TVs. The hours of operation are from 10 am (9 am on the weekends) until midnight.

The Island View Casino Sportsbook

Island View Casino Sportsbook

  • The Island View Casino Sportsbook
  • Type: commercial water-based casino
  • Location: Gulfport, MS
  • Address: 3300 West Beach Blvd., Gulfport, MS 39501
  • First Opened: September 18, 2006
  • Number of rooms: 970
  • Total Gaming Space: 80,000 square feet
  • Top Attractions: The View Showroom, with numerous visiting musical acts year-round
  • Best Restaurants:Carter Green Steakhouse
  • Owner: Rick Carter and Terry Green
  • Phone Number: 1-877-774-8439

Though not technically located in Biloxi, the Island View Casino sportsbook will be just a few miles down the road in nearby Gulfport. The Island View certainly has the space to accommodate all the sports betting enthusiasts and vacationers as they recently finished their third phase of renovation and additions. The casino now has two gaming floors, one in the Beach Tower and one in North tower and if you were wondering, yes, they also have two sportsbooks on their property. The sportsbook in the North Casino is located between the View Showroom and Carter Green Steakhouse while the Beach Casino sportsbook is located near Gulf Breeze Daiquiris. Both post the same hours of operation, opening at 10 am (8 am on the weekends) and closing at 11 pm.